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Thinking about Google’s Bard Rebranding to Gemini

Every branding choice holds significance, and Google’s decision to rename its AI chatbot from Bard to Gemini is no exception. Someone or a team of someones thought a lot about this…

Gemini is already a Google brand of its underlying AI, but putting it forward as a consumer product is symbolic. The selection of “Gemini” is intriguing, drawing from its Latin roots, meaning “twins.” This etymology immediately suggests duality and partnership, a departure from the solitary, Shakespearean connotations of “Bard.”

From a branding perspective, this shift represents a strategic move towards presenting the chatbot as a collaborative tool, a supportive partner in the user’s digital journey. By evoking the imagery of twins, Google positions Gemini not just as an AI assistant but as a companion, always ready to lend a hand.

The contrast between “Gemini” and “Bard” is pretty stark. While Bard may conjure images of a lone, enigmatic, and perhaps super-intelligent figure, Gemini implies a sense of teamwork and cooperation.

In essence, Google’s rebranding of its AI chatbot reflects a thoughtful branding strategy to reshape perceptions and strengthen its brand identity. By leveraging the symbolism of “Gemini” and introducing advanced features, Google seeks to establish Gemini as not just a chatbot but as a trusted ally in the digital realm.

Gemini is helpful and chatty, while Bard exudes wit and intelligence all by itself. I guess they are trying to either make AI a little less scary – or maybe just setting the bar a little lower for themselves. You expect helpfulness out of Gemini, but full-on AGI from Bard!

We’ll see how things go! It will be interesting to watch this war play out.