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Create GIFs and Everything Else

GIFs. Hard G, soft G, whatever... they're part of our world now. Especially because of Giphy and Slack, Gifs are part of our workplace communication.

Note: I hope that we don't completely lose the use of the English language, but you have to admit: sometimes a Gif says it better than you ever could.

What's interesting is that I've looked at Gifs for years, and used them, mostly for poor comedy, inside of Slack. But I never really thought of creating them. Of course, it's a snap to make Gifs (I recommend Giphy Capture). I'm not sure why I've never made one, or had some made, for my company before.

I think we're conditioned to not create. I think we can often look at something and think, that's nice someone else made that, instead of how do I make that myself? How do I look at Gifs for years and not think, hey I could make one of those for my company. I mean, what is wrong with me?

In any case, I can now look forward to cluttering up the Internet with hundreds of product marketing Gifs in the future. Look out Internet!

We have to remember that the world (and the Gif) is ours to create!


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