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Half of Working Americans are being Held Back from Getting a Promotion Due to a Lack of Training

My organization,, helped to create this study. The findings were published and discussed in numerous places, including Crain's Business. Nearly half of today's workforce (48 percent) have been unable to progress in their careers due to a lack of skills training or certifications, according to a national survey of 900 men and women who are currently employed in the U.S. The survey was commissioned by Wyzant, the nation's largest online marketplace for 1-to-1 instruction, and, an online global recruiting career service, and was conducted by Toluna Quicksurveys.  Read the findings here...

2016 HR Professional Content Preferences Survey partnered with Come Recommended to develop this survey. The survey was conducted in May and June 2016 by Come Recommended and

When you have an audience you want to reach, you need to know what content they consume, how they find it, and what brings them back for more. But when your audience is as niche as HR professionals, pinpointing what they’re looking for is a challenge.

So we set out to find exactly what kind of content HR professionals want in the 2016 HR Professional Content Preferences Survey. The survey explores what content professionals read, when they read it, where they look for content, how they share it, and more.

Overall, the results show that professionals in the field are hungry for content that keeps them informed and up-to-date on trends and best practices. They want content that they can use to be better professionals every day. Read more...

About the survey

The survey was made up of responses from 277 HR professionals, a majority of whom live and work in the United States. Among those surveyed, 48.2 percent identified themselves as HR professionals, and 19.9 percent identified as internal recruiters. In addition, 64.1 percent work for privately-owned, for-profit companies.

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