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Hiring the Right People for your Company

I contributed a post on assessing candidates for hiring on Hiring and recruiting practices has always been a topic of interest for me, since my businesses provide recruiting services and hiring software, and concurrently, like any other business person, I've had to hire a lot of people myself over the years. Bottling the magic of a really good hire is pretty much impossible (sometimes you just luck out), but like anything else, we can increase our odds of being lucky by a little bit of hard work and the right technology...

One thing I’ve learned about hiring throughout the years is that there’s no single assessment that can ensure you’ve made the perfect hire. Hiring is a combination of empirical analysis and gut feel. However, there are now lots of different assessments available, and you can find one that makes sense for your work environment and teams. Using the right one can help increase the odds that you’re adding a great new member to your company. Read on @

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