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If you’re here looking for Miles Jennings the speed-boat champion, I’m not him (yet, I’ll get him someday.) If you’re looking for Miles Jennings the lawyer, please know that although I sat for the LSAT, my heart wasn’t in it. If you can’t tell yet by this paragraph, I’m also trying to signal to Google that this site is the true authority for everything Miles Jennings (a joke for those in SEO).

If you're here to learn about the right Miles Jennings, I'm glad to meet you. For my businesses, I am CEO of VocaWorks, a hiring software for technology professionals, and its publicly traded parent company Truli Technologies. I also founded and am Chairman of, a specialized recruiting service platform.

Thanks for stopping by, and drop me a note if I can be of help. Or learn a little more about me below.

Tech + Business + Careers

I’ve been fascinated with technology ever since I made a very pixelated sword appear in my first video game, “Legends from the Land of Shimbuki.” And ever since I ran up and down ladders for my painting company during college, I’ve been involved in starting and growing businesses.

I’ve also always loved thinking about careers; more so from the angle of what you do with your whole life versus what you do for a 9-5 -- how you live a good life versus what you do for a living. After college, I ended up in the recruiting industry because of this… and my wife also comes from HR. It must be somewhere in the blood.



Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Bottle washer? What kind of job is that? Anyway, if I look back on the past decade, I can say that I’ve used what I seem made for (starting tech companies) to help me do what I love (helping people with their careers).

Along the way, I’ve only had a few official job titles, but unofficially, I’ve been a sales guy, pitch man, writer, janitor, copywriter, product manager, business analyst, HR Director and most anything else you can think of. I guess it's a cliche to say that I wear many hats, but you know what? I do.

My day-to-day is filled with Slack chats, Zoom conferences, and as my children will attest to, Skype calls at every hour of the day - sometimes with people with interesting British accents.  



I'm focused right now on growing my new startup, VocaWorks. It's a new kind of software platform for hiring technology professionals. It's been a fantastic learning experience working with our many talent partners and working with the community of tech people. The great thing about this company is that our main clients, partners, and users are people that I've always had as friends. I've never been directly technical myself, but hung around at the computer lab in high school and always enjoyed being around those kinds of people.

What we're doing a bit differently with VocaWorks is heavily curating each side of the marketplace (employers and talent). We're looking to have a really great user experience, and provide a platform based around your career independence & happiness. We want to make contract work (the obvious big trend) much easier and more fulfilling. 


Growing THINGS

I've never really liked personal sections on websites. It might be because I'm a pretty private person. Or it may just be because it's a false distinction these days. My work is personal to me. But that being said, if I'm not working, you might find me trying to grow things. Tomatoes in the sun, potatoes in bags, and generally doing middle-aged man things around the yard - like raking up leaves as they fall. I have, to my farming credit, raised quite a few chickens in the past few years.

I'm in a book club that reads manly literature and meets at a brewery to which I can walk, which is about as good as it gets. I live in an old house, so I should be painting constantly, but I don't. Right now, I like etherial electronic music like Roll Back. I have a family that I can't write about here, but matter to me more than anything. 

In short, I love everything in life that you can help grow (with a little bit of effort) - kids, businesses, tomatoes, all that sort of stuff. My life philosophy, which I likely stole from my wife, boils down to trying to make tomorrow better by working hard today - loving what you do and doing what you love.

Overly Professional Bio


Miles Jennings is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of companies focused on online technology and hiring. He is the CEO of VocaWorks, a software platform matching curated technology talent with vetted high-growth employers. He founded, Inc. in 2010 and built it into a leading career site and jobs marketplace that makes specialized direct hire recruiting scalable and easier. A frequent writer, Miles has contributed business, career, and tech advice to the WSJ, Entrepreneur, Inc., Mashable, Forbes, and many others.

If you really want to get crazy, I have a longer form professional bio as well.

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